Thurnscoe Rifle Club

About The Club

Thurnscoe Rifle Club was founded in 1940 as a training range for the Home Guard. There have been quite a few changes over the years!

The club is a non profit making organisation. The aim of the club is to promote all aspects of shooting sports in a safe and responsible manner. The club is Home Office Approved and affiliated to the N.R.A and N.S.R.A.

The range at Thurnscoe is approved for the use of .22 rimfire, black powder, FAC air rifles, non FAC air rifles and air pistols. Black powder firearms and pistol calibers may be used that do not exceed 350ft/lb muzzle energy and 2000 ft/sec muzzle velocity. To ensure that any black powder or pistol caliber firearms are within these limits they must be chronographed and approval given by the secretary before they are used.

Distances are 25 metres, 50yds/ 50 metres and 100 yards which can be shot from prone and sitting/ kneeling positions.

Thurnscoe Rifle Club is also approved for all the calibres of firearms as we have access to full bore ranges elsewhere. Once a month by invitation by "The Vintage Rifle Club" we go to a range near Bury, Lancashire which has a 100yd range. More details on this can be obtained from the Secretary.

The range is open for use by full members at any time during daylight hours, as long as there are two persons present. Entry to the range is kept locked, two special keys are required for the gates and buildings. The locks are changed at the end of each club year. The range is situated behind Highgate Dog Track on Nicholas Lane, Goldthorpe. The gated access track is to the right hand side of the dog track.

The club encourages competition shooting and operates various postal competitions throughout the year. The club caters for various shooting disciplines including prone, target and benchrest. Advice on most aspects of shooting is available and basic tuition can also be given.

Club days are held at the range on the third Saturday of every month. A committee member will usually be present 09:30 -> 12:00. Club Days provide an ideal opportunity to meet other members and see various types of rifles in action (great if you are unsure what to purchase!)