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The Club is developing a new website which can be accessed via

As of 15/Oct/2018 this website will no longer be updated but will continue to be available for a short period until all testing has been completed on the new site.


(08/Dec/2017 @ 10:50)
The Club is seeking a new Secretary . . . .

The current Club Secretary (Mr John Kime) has informed the Management Committee of his intention to stand down at the end of this club year.
The Committee are therefore seeking, from Club Members, nominations for the post of Club Secretary.
All nominations sent to the Committee need to be proposed and seconded (in writing) by Club Members and be accompanied (in writing) by the nominees willingness to stand for the post. A vote will be taken at the AGM to be held in February 2018.

John has kindly offered to help and advise the incoming Secretary as to the required duties of the post, as well as offering supporting guidance to the post holder during the initial settling in period.

(02/Oct/2017 @ 09:45)
The Club is in URGENT need of your ASSISTANCE . . . .

HELP with the planned Range Refurbishment Projects will be required from Club Members.
Your assistance with this work is ESSENTIAL if the planned projects are to be completed .
Any club member who could contribute some of their time to these projects, please contact a member of the Management Committee as soon as possible.
Should no help be forthcoming, the Management Committee will have to look to outside sources to complete the work. This of course, will attract some SIGNIFICANT costs. Any such costs which will have to be recouped with increased subscription fees.

Please Note! Practical Shooting (MiniRifle/PSG) have currently been suspended. New guidelines have been released detailing what current firearms are permissible.

The statements from the NSRA are now clear: shotgun and calibres larger than .22 are not allowed. The only exception being BP, at 10 metres.

More details will be made available soon.

    Important Notice for All Members who download ammunition!

To comply with our insurance we need to ensure all members who download pistol calibre cartridge ammunition for use at the range have read and understood the attached document. You must also print off and sign a copy at the back page for return to the club. Anybody using home loads will need to have signed the document and returned it either by post to the club PO box address or by hand on the club day by the end of August to continue using home loads at the range. You will not be allowed to shoot home loads at the range after this without a signed declaration which will be stored at the range.
Please contact Alan or Ross should you require any further info.
Link to document

You're never too young to learn to shoot.

Thurnscoe Rifle Club encourage junior members who, under the supervision of parents and instructors, learn the safety disciplines involved with firearms. Teach them properly in a safe, controlled environment rather than letting them loose with an air rifle as a teenager with no training or guidance.

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