Thurnscoe Rifle Club


(15/Jan/2018 @ 20:00) RANGE CLOSURE

The Range will now be closed to shooting all day on Thursday 18th January 2018 to allow essential maintenance works to be undertaken.

(10/Jan/2018 @ 09:00)
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held 23rd February 2017 can be found via the MEMBERS PAGE.

(19/Dec/2017 @ 19:20)
Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held 8th June 2017 can be found via the MEMBERS PAGE.

(22/Nov/2017 @ 16:30) Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

An EGM will be held at The Rockingham Arms, Wentworth on Wednesday 6th December 2017 commencing at 19:30.
The main aim of the meeting is to:-
1) inform Members as to developments during the last six months
2) discuss and resolve a number of other important issues.

(21/Nov/2017 @ 21:25) RANGE CLOSURE

To allow essential preparatory ground works to be undertaken the Range will be closed to shooting from 12:00 on the afternoon of Thursday 23rd November 2017.

(12/Nov/2017 @ 18:15) RANGE CLOSURE

To allow essential maintenance works to be undertaken, the Range will be closed to shooting from 14:00 to 17:00 on Thursday 16th November 2017.

(02/Oct/2017 @ 09:30) RANGE CLOSURE

At some point during the week commencing Monday 2nd October 2017, the Range will be closed to shooting for 1-2 hours to allow essential preparatory ground works to be undertaken.

(05/Sep/2017 @ 14:20) RANGE LOG

A new method of signing in by members visiting the Range has been implemented and is working well.

HOWEVER, it is essential that Members complete the new RANGE LOG as fully as possible, especially the MEMBERSHIP# column.
Your Membership Number can be found on your Membership Card.
The Membership Number information entered in this column will be used to ascertain which members have ATTENDED the Range during the year.

FAILURE to enter this VITAL piece of information will result in the Club having to inform the POLICE of your non-attendance during the year.

It is in your OWN INTEREST to complete the Range Log as fully as possible.

(24/Aug/2017 @ 07:50) CLUB ARMOURER

At the Management Committee meeting held after the Club Day on Saturday 19th August 2017, the Club armourer notified the meeting that, due to the nature of his new work arrangements, he could not reliably ensure his regular attendance at future Club Days.

In light of this development the Committee request that any club member who is willing to undertake this role, could they please contact a member of the Management Committee as soon as possible.

(23/Aug/2017 @ 20:00) RANGE REFURBISHMENT

On Monday 21st August 2017 extensive ground works were completed on the range.

The Defence Zone on the right-hand side of the 25 yd range was substantially increased in height to prevent projectiles travelling down to the 50 mtr and 100yd target points. This work was seen as a temporary safety measure and it is envisaged that further more substantial work will be needed when the upgrading of the 25 yd range is undertaken.
The area between the firing points and the 50 mtr butts was regraded to reduce the possibility of ricochet from the uneven ground surface.
All this work was undertaken as part of the Range Refurbishment projects and was a requirement of the ongoing Range Certification process.

While the plant was on site, a strip of ground was cleared behind the 50 mtr (14->20) butt to provide easier access for future building works to be undertaken

The ditch to the right-hand side of the 100 yd butts was deepened and the incline of the surrounding banking was increased. This work should act as a further deterrent from any trespass in this area.

A sincere thank-you must go to club member volunteer Roger Howarth, who with a 05:30 start and a 19:00 finish, spent all day driving the digger - nice work.

(18/Aug/2017 @ 08:30) SIGNING-IN

A NEW METHOD of signing-in will be introduced on the Club Day 19/Aug/2017.

The existing style of individual member sheets will be removed and replaced by a new style RANGE LOG sheet. Information completed on the individual member sheets will be retained.

The new RANGE LOG must be completed by Members on each shooting visit to the Range and is a necessary as part of the insurance requirements for the Range.

Analysis of the new style of RANGE LOG will provide useful management information for the Committee and help inform future decision making.

(11/Aug/2017 @ 10:00) SHOOTING OF SHOTGUNS

It has come to the attention of the Management Committee that SHOOTING OF SHOTGUNS has recently been undertaken within the confines of the range.
These actions are CONTRARY to the permitted disciplines currently in force for the range and as such, are ILLEGAL.
The Committee will not tolerate such behaviour and any member undertaking such activity will have membership immediately revoked and the RELEVANT AURTHORITIES WILL BE INFORMED.


The Club is in URGENT need of your EXPERTISE/ASSISTANCE . . . .

A series of simple diagrams/plans need to be produced to assist with the planned Range Refurbishment Projects.
The diagrams will provide a design focus going forward in meetings and discussions with the Range Certification Officer and Barnsley Planning Department.
The diagrams will also be used to in obtaining external quotations for any works that may be required.
Your assistance in this area is URGENTLY required.
Should no assistance be forthcoming, the Management Committee will have to look to outside sources to complete the work. This of course, will attract some significant costs.
If any club member has expertise in producing diagrams, could they please contact a member of the Management Committee as soon as possible.

(10/Aug/2017 @ 17:30) RANGE REFURBISHMENT

The Range will be closed for one day on Monday 21st August 2017 for essential preparatory groundworks.

"Northern Monkeys" Winners of the UKPSA Mini rifle league 2015/2016

For a second year in a row, a team from Thurnscoe Rifle Club has won the UKPSA Mini rifle postal league. Congratulations to all those involved.

"Northern Monkeys" Winners of the UKPSA Mini rifle league 2014/2015


The new butt complex is now open for use.

Restrictions apply.